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Wednesday, March 12, 2008 @11:19 PM


So pls update your links if you happen to have linked me up somewhere.

and Yes. now i am a cool LJ kid!

Sunday, March 9, 2008 @11:35 PM


haha. yes i'm bored and this is totally random.
Haha. yup he's gross!
lets see. this should be about 3yrs ago i guess..
and pls dont tell me i look the same. heh.!
ahh! help. i feel like i'm about to cough my lungs out!! Ugh.
pls let me get well by this friday before i start croaking like a frog on sunday.
and someone stop me from snacking on nutella. For the record, i already finished 3 bottles. :/
thats bad..very bad
Oh i was just thinking,
what if i worked as a freelance singer at those "clean" pubs/bars etc?
like those with one/two guitars with me singing bossa nova kinda songs. haha
Possible?? can make it not? haha just to earn extra cash, kill time and make sth out of that little talent i think i have.
i mean, i cant get a job as a part time model cos i'm not tall and gorgeous..and usually event companies go for those pretty ones..
but i think i can at least carry a tune right..? or no? haha
so where to find lobang?
nah.. just sth random..

Saturday, March 8, 2008 @12:48 AM

can someone enlighten me on how or what is the coding for allowing comments on each post for blogger? sth like livejournal.
or maybe i should just switch to livejournal and be a cool kid too.
Oh and i have skype!!
yay. like finally.

Thursday, March 6, 2008 @10:28 PM


Hello. I'm back from camp!
Not much darker but my voice is sooo bad now i can hardly be heard.
anyways..this batch of kids were extremely naughty and rude..I'm always scolding the kids but it warms your heart when you read what they still think about you in the evaluation forms and hearing them say that they miss you!
Well, from Day 2 my kids became slightly more well behaved and we voted them as best group :)
And so i did sth new again this camp. HAA.
i was conned into co-"hosting" the camp fire. scream shout rah rah blah blah. heh. but turns out that camp fire was great. haha. Guess it wasnt that bad!
Honestly.. the job doesnt pay me very well for the amt of work done and the level of stress we put on our voices..but really, there is nothing more satisfying then being with the kids (no matter how monkey-ish they can get).
i keep saying its my last camp. but i cant help it but keep going back. haha. so we'll see how! (:
Guess what..
My Korean photographer friend, Peter (haha yeah peter..his REAL name), just added me on Msn..
and we are seriously having the weirdest conversation ever..
hahaha. he's typing in broken english and i thought i was being helpful by using some online device to translate and reply in korean.
i asked if my he understands what i'm trying say.. and he replies "no understand, you speak english" haha. zzz
Good try lavonne.
i hope i didnt say anything too dumb

Monday, March 3, 2008 @6:33 PM

pls let me meet nice ppl!

@12:14 AM

picture this.

I'm going to FLOOD FLOOD FLOOD this entry with pictures.
Heh.i mean..seriously who's gonna come over my place, turn on the computer and stare at some undeveloped photos of my trip.
so why waste it..i might as well post it up, show the world and help myself remember. :D
Beautiful blue sky, cold cold weather, good food(i love jap food), EXTREMELY nice ppl, great service, love the culture and good looking ppl.
The things there are also really expensive..a 100yen (which is used like our $1) is equivalent to our $1.35. and here's the thing..you hardly find items that cost a 100yen. The least you pay for a cup of hot chocolate from the dispenser already cost 300yen. !!! (and hot chocolate is a lifesaver in the cold! :))
O the Shoes! they only come in only 3 sizes. S, M and L for certain designs. so if you like it..you just gotta fit!
and Technology! heh they are way more advanced than we are! you should check out their cellphones. hoho. if only our simcards were compatible. If not i would love to buy one phone for myself!
Apparently the weather forecast told us that it would be about 10degrees + but when we got there, temperatures dropped drastically till like 0 degrees and below. heh. so yeah.. i didnt bring enough warm clothes!
But Anwayss.. it was more like a relaxation trip..The itinerary isnt packed with places to go..and we didnt visit the busy city areas...instead i spend half the time soaking in hot springs (yes intensive hot spring soaking cos they told us it gives you goood skin...) and at first i wasnt really comfortable with that special "requirement" before you enter..but oh wells! :) and Speaking of hotsprings.. There are both indoor and outdoor! Outdoor is so much nicer cos you at least get to enjoy the lovely view rather than staying in a room full of steam!..but then again its super cold too! and Sometimes i think i look quite stupid running out into the open, plunge right into the hot pool and then stand up jumping around cos the water is SO HOT. But Its okay..i'm all out for good skin. haha.
And if you are wondering why do i have so much money to travel....well i dont. My relatives sponsored everything. By right its for my 21st birthday..but by wrong..its becos they needed one more person to fill the spot and someone to take care of my grandma..so there! Didnt come cheap but i got it for free!. :)
and so Japan is seperated into 4 main zones..Hokkaido, Kyushu, Honshu and Shikoku
Tokyo is part of Honshu, which is the main island and apparently, my relatives went to all the other 3 zones already..So this time, we went to Kyushu. And only this time they decide to bring me along.. Heh. So no Tokyo!! boo.. but it was a good break from city life tho..
okay. i know enough yakking..!!
so here goess.. .
alright that all!
i hope you dont feel like smashing your computer now! haha
Educational rightt :)

Friday, February 29, 2008 @3:26 PM

not for the faint hearted!

i never leave the house without my book on Sudoku..
Yesss..i am addicted to it and i'm spreading the addiction..:)
So Try This.
Puzzle 109 of 300. haha
its only Medium!! and i'm already stuck. Heh.
Think when i'm onto the Hard/Very Hard section, i cant even fill in one number man.. Jialat.
Must try ok. I will reveal the answers in the next entry!! :D
and Pls tell me if you can complete this puzzle really fast..I'll make you my SHIFU! haha
and only cool kids play sudoku. YAY!
teri tan, i know you are reading..and i know what you're thinking..I'm not a geek! haha

Monday, February 25, 2008 @10:37 PM

kisses and cake

Great show.
Hilary Swank was awesome. and Gerald Butler.....ah! he's just too hot. haha. + he's BIG, he's Irish and he has that slang!
how cool is that man.
I'm so in Love with the movie!
and its the only few that can make me cry..
or in fact i did cry. We all did. except pearl that is. (:
I cant imagine how it would be like if my husband leaves me one day.
i'll probably cry my eyeballs out.
I had a dream once that Peter died (*names are changed to protect his/her identity haha).
i was soo devastated i could literally feel the pain in my sleep. I mean literally..like a part of me got ripped off. (haha so drama right)
Then a few months later, someone who looks exactly like him came along, started to date me, brought me to places we've been etc..and i started to think, maybe he didnt die after all..Heh But ends up that guy wasnt Peter..it was his cousin or sth and He did what he did cos he couldnt bare to see me suffer like that so he tried to L*** me (haha you know that forbidden word) and tried to be Peter. But he realise he couldnt L*** me the way Peter did..and so i was back to where it all started. haha
It was a super long dream..But ohwells, i'm glad it was JUST a dream
Haha. Right. and i think i just made some ppl cringe. :)
but in my dream it was really very Drama okay. as if it was real. haha
i think i can be a scriptwriter in my sleep!
Winter Sonata's plot also sth like that wadddd..haha
heh anyways its a nonsensical dream la. But it made me realise how much that special someone means to me..
I'm sorry i was angry for so long..
P.S. I Love You very much


I know. This is probably worst than the pumpkin tag! haha. :P
oh whatever.

@9:59 AM

take my hand

Army food rations are my current addiction.
Esp the noodles..! they are extremely tasty!
so gimme gimme gimme more.
heh. i know. strange addiction to have.. but i LOVE it.
:/ i think my diet these days screams unhealthy!!
oh wells
i feel like i have a million and one things to say but to who? i have no idea.
i think i need a hotline.
my room is in a big mess (and thats very unlikely of me), my emotions are everywhere, my relatives thinks i'm a money sucking kid, my mum says i have an evil heart, my eyes are puffy and my confidence level is going down down down.
So many things gone wrong but i thank God i still have Him.
Without Him, i'll probably be a victim at the brink of depression.
and I'm holding on because i know that there is a higher call and a greater purpose for my existance than just me myself and I.
Indeed He is bigger than all my "issues".
But sometimes you still need a physical being that you can run to..
Someone i can call in the middle of the night when things go wrong, Someone not superficial and Someone who simply listens sincerely and not preach back at me what i already know..
isnt it so?
Or maybe i should just learn to open my golden mouth.
but chances are that i'll end up keeping it to myself again.
I seriously dont understand myself
and Dont get me wrong.
i'm not complaining and i'm not saying i'm falling.
What i need is strong pillar i can lean back on.
i think i'm stressed out.

Sunday, February 24, 2008 @9:22 AM

grace enough

You. i'm tired of making time
oh and p.s. I really miss you Jul!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008 @11:50 AM

Camp was awesome awesome awesome!
love the kids!!!!

Oh yes.
last night my poor friends waited outside my house for over an hour just to go for supper! haha.
tushan and gang decided to popped by my place at like 2am cos they wanted to go for supper at changi. they called me but it got cut off after i picked up the phone (my house has got no reception haha) i was already half asleep by then and i couldnt be bothered to run around the house finding reception, so i went back to sleep! haha
then at 3am, they finally manage to get through and said that they have been waiting outside for an hour! :/
i ran out of the house and had prata at 3+ am. tsk tsk. .
apparently they tried throwing mentos at my window to wake me up.
haha. oops.
!!!!!!! RUDY!

haha kidding. we just used the bottles that were already there.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 @9:37 PM

oh so heavy

i spent my whole day filling up registration forms and preparing documents for Uni applications.
so taxing on the brain really.
Tell me again why did i wait one year? heh.
Oh wells.
oh God pls pls pls help me get in.
i'm so desperate! :(
Face up reality. We need these Papers.
Oh I've got a camp to do on wed - fri!
and its book in time now now now!
hope i meet nice people.
Dad will be flying off on thurs. so i will only be seeing him in 3 weeks time.
apparently he found another job that requires him to work in Jakarta.
How can i not be worried.
Let him be safe!!

Monday, February 18, 2008 @1:03 PM

my way

I don't think i'm cut out for certain things.
but sometimes, it just seems like my life is being mapped out and directed by others instead.
or maybe i should just learn to say no.

@1:38 AM

always enough

Been a long time since we've been out for a whole day like this.
okay not really the whole day cos i was busy doing last min packing for the trip so we only went out in the evening.
but its always nice knowing that we dont have to rush for a book in later at night.
Underwater world was quite disappointing.
Overpriced and nothing fantastic to look at either. okay maybe not that it wasnt fantastic..it simply lacked the variety (or maybe i took the one jul and i went to in HK as a benchmark thats why. haha it was hugeeee there.)
Right.. dont compare..we dont have much land. haha.
and i hate FISH. nice to eat tho.
Then we watched errm..oh yes Sweeney Todd.
As usual, Johnny depp (no matter how sadistic) is sooo charming!
but the show has too much throat cutting. haha i cant take stuff like that.
and i cant believe Jan chiang wanted to watch that show twice!! tsk tsk. ultimate sadist.. haha
oh and Dajie kept doing that throat cutting sound...ugh. my neck feels itchy now.

Photobucket Photobucket

Oh then there was this guy. tsk tsk.

we wanted to buy fried rice from katong and we had to park at the corner of the road.
but this dear uncle had to stand where the lot is to wait for a cab.
we drove near him expecting him to move but he didnt! then we horn him.. and he didnt move either! ugh. then we tried to squeeze the car in and the rear mirror knocked him.
aiyo. then about a few mins later he went forward. so i started taking pictures of him haha.
yes typical singaporean (:
duno whats wrong with him also.

Sunday, February 17, 2008 @11:24 AM

tong tong chiang

Yay. I'm back from Japan!!!!
Love the food, the cold cold weather and the people. :) :) :)
And as usual.. I wish i could stay there forever!!! haha but i realise how much i miss home too.
Unlike the time i went to Korea, the phone brought along isnt 3G so i couldnt contact anyone from Home! AH! so torturous.
and i think i can count the number of times i spoke in English. Most of the time its either Cantonese with my family or sign language with the Japanese.
So much for saying that i want to isolate and live overseas all by myself!!
Oh wells. now i'm home and i'm looking forward to going overseas again. I HOPE!!!
Pray hard someone sponsors me again. haha.
anyways.. Did this before i left for Japan..but didnt have time to load it up.
so here goes..Photobucket



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